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The Best Nintendo Switch Games For Girls 2021

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2021 is more than halfway over. Here’s what I have been playing (new releases) and what I’m looking forward to releasing for Nintendo Switch this year. They’re not in any particular order. The first one is my favorite, the next 20 are in reverse chronological order (newer games or unreleased games first) – After that, who knows lol. There’s of course many more great games that I just couldn’t cover all of them here. Nintendo Switch is truly the best console for gamer girls.

1.) Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 4th Heart

Without a doubt, The game I’m most looking forward to is Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 4th Heart. It won’t be in English sadly – but you can always hold your phone up to your screen and use Google Translate – that’s what I plan on doing. I already have a Japanese Nintendo Switch account and already play a few Japanese games this way. The translation isn’t perfect since it’s machine translated but if it’s the only way to play Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 4th Heart, then I’ll do what I have to do. It’s inconvenient of course to hold the phone and work 2 devices, but small price to play for my hands down favorite gaming series.

ときめきメモリアル Girl’s Side 4th Heart ダウンロード版

学園恋愛シミュレーションゲーム、ときめきメモリアルシリーズの新作がNintendo Switchに登場。あなただけのときめき生活がはじまるー。 はばたき学園に入学したあなたを待っているのは、勉強、部活、アルバイト……数えきれない可能性に満ちた高校生活。 なりたい自分をイメージしてコマンドを実行。何をして誰と出会うかはあなたの行動次第! 53,000‬‬ワード、49時間もの膨大なキャラクターボイスであなたの物語が紡ぎ出されます。 出会いを重ねて気の合う仲間が集まれば、特別な学園生活があなたを待っています。4人でランチをしたり、デートに出掛けたり……賑やかで楽しい高校生活を送るのも、誰かひとりに寄り添うのも、全てがあなたの選択。ふたりの関係が深まれば男の子の本音が聞けることも。 キャラクターボイスには豪華声優陣を起用風真 玲太 (CV.梶 裕貴)颯砂 希 (CV.佐藤 拓也)本多 行 (CV.服部 想之介)七ツ森 実 (CV.阿座上 洋平)柊 夜ノ介 (CV.福山 潤)氷室 一紀 (CV.田邊 幸輔)御影 小次郎 (CV.吉野 裕行)白羽 大地 (CV.植木 慎英)花椿 みちる(CV.國府田 マリ子)花椿 ひかる(CV.高野 麻里佳) また、タイトルから「わたしのこと♡」を選ぶとたくさんのお楽しみ要素が用意されています。その中のひとつ、「プロフィール帳」にはあなたの思い出が記されています。好きな男の子から好きな学食メニューまで、カスタマイズしてお友達に見せることもできます。秘密の情報も隠されているかもしれません。 シリーズ最大ボリュームのドキドキ体験があなたを待っています。 本体にダウンロードした商品をインストールするために、記載している容量より多くの空き容量が必要になる場合や、記載しているよりも少ない空き容量のみが必要になる場合があります。 容量が足りない場合は、必要のないソフトを整理するか、十分な空き容量があるmicroSDカードをお使いください。 本ソフトは以下の機能に対応しています。- タッチスクリーン この商品は予約商品です。予約にあたっては、以下の「予約について」が適用されます。 購入を確定すると決済がおこなわれます。購入後のキャンセルや返金はできません。

2.) Pokemon Brillant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Overhauled with new graphics and available as a 2pack digital or physical game. I will probably only purchase one of the games myself. Pokemon Diamond was one of the best Pokemon games. So I’m looking forward to this remake.

Pokémon™ Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon™ Shining Pearl Double Pack for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Available November 19, 2021 A double pack containing the Pokémon™ Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon™ Shining Pearl games will be available for purchase as a packaged version or as a digital downloadable version.

3.) WitchSpring 3 [Re:Fine]

I have never played the other 2 games – or even heard of this series until now. However, it looks very fun. You choose if you want to be good or evil and it has cute anime graphics.

WitchSpring3 [Re:Fine] – The Story of Eirudy for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Available August 13, 2021 WitchSpring3 Re:Fine – The Story of Eirudy takes you deep into the Misty Forest, where the Witch Eirudy lives secluded from the rest of the world, when one day she meets an adventurous young man named Adrian in the forest, Eirudy’s life changes as she is thrown into the tide that determines the fate of deities and humans.

4.) Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party is one of my favorite Nintendo franchises, so I’m excited to see a compilation of some of the older Mario Party games now releasing for the Switch.

Mario Party™ Superstars for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Available October 29, 2021 Calling all Superstars! Mario Party™ is back with 5 classic boards from the Nintendo 64 Mario Party games. Frosting meets flowers as you race to get the most stars (and sabotage your opponents) on the Peach’s Birthday Cake board from the original Mario Party game.

5.) Shin Megami Tensei V

Shin Megami Tensei is the series from which Persona became an “off-shoot”. This child has exceeded the parent now and become far more popular, but I still love Shin Megami Tensei. I don’t think I have ever played this one. I don’t know if it’s new, or possibly a remaster. Either way, I am excited for this game as well.

Shin Megami Tensei V for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Available November 12, 2021 The ambitions of god and human clash amidst the horror of a dying world. Neither human nor demon, the newly-forged Nahobino and his friends must decide what is worth saving… and prepare to sacrifice everything in its name. In a world without its Creator, which path will you choose?

6.) Kitaria Fables

Farming and crafting with cute furry bipedal kitties.

Kitaria Fables for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Available September 02, 2021 Kitaria Fables is a delightfully cute action adventure RPG with farming and crafting! Armed with a sword, bow and spellbook, fight back against a rising darkness threatening the world. Discover diverse regions in search of relics and resources, tend to your farm to grow your own provisions, and take on quests solo or with a friend in local co-op mode!

7.) Sonic Colors Ultimate

Another remastered Sonic Game – kinda meh – but it’s sonic. I rather see a new game similar to the dreamcast Sonic Adventure series. It’s the best. But I’ll take some more Sonic in my life anyways.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Available September 07, 2021 Join Sonic in the high-speed adventure of a lifetime! The evil Dr. Eggman has built a gigantic interstellar amusement park bursting with incredible rides and colorful attractions – but he’s powering it with a captured alien race called “Wisps.”

8.) Olympia Soiree

A new otome game by Aksys

Olympia Soirée for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Available September 09, 2021 Restore Light to a Darkened World The last surviving member of her clan, Olympia travels to Tenguu Island to perform a ritual to bring back the sun. The heads of each district lead a society governed by rigid class structures. Able to travel between the districts, Olympia discovers their wonders and weaknesses.

9.) Life Is Strange: True Colors

A new Life is Strange game. I love that series. There’s also a remastered version of the original one.

Life is Strange: True Colors™ for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Available September 10, 2021 A bold new era of the award-winning Life is Strange begins, with an all-new playable lead character and a thrilling mystery to solve! Alex Chen has long suppressed her ‘curse’: the supernatural ability to experience, absorb and manipulate the strong emotions of others, which she sees as blazing, colored auras.

Life is Strange Remastered Collection for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Return to Arcadia Bay and experience two award-winning Life is Strange games like never before! Remastered visuals and animation breathe new life into the great cast of characters and gripping stories. The Life is Strange Remastered Collection includes ‘Life is Strange Remastered’ and ‘Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered’.

10.) Astria Ascending

A new handdrawn RPG with a heavy focus on battles and classes and customization.

Astria Ascending for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Available September 30, 2021 Experience an epic story with rewarding, turn-based combat and expansive customization rendered in glorious hand-drawn visuals. Explore the vast and beautiful world of Orcanon Visit five different cities populated by unique creatures and solve more than 20 dangerous dungeons.

11.) Fall Guys

I have not played the Switch version. I have it on Playstation and while it’s not my typical type of game, it’s so fun and funny. It’s like a Japanese gameshow like wipeout. It’s an elimination style obstacle course with a few minigames. The playstation one does not have local co-op. If the Switch version had local co-op I’d pick it up again. Super fun and fast easy to get started, difficult to master, type of game.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout flings hordes of contestants together online in a mad dash through round after round of escalating chaos until one victor remains! Battle bizarre obstacles, shove through unruly competitors, and overcome the unbending laws of physics as you stumble towards greatness.

12.) Danganronpa – Remastered Games

All of the Danganronpa games are landing on the Nintendo Switch on December 3rd, 2021.

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Anniversary Edition for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Available December 03, 2021 A new chapter begins! Danganronpa V3 is coming to Nintendo Switch™ for the first time! Danganronpa 10th Anniversary Release: Part 3! Welcome to a new world of Danganronpa, and prepare yourself for the biggest, most exhilarating episode yet.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Available December 03, 2021 Danganronpa arrives on Nintendo Switch™ to celebrate its 10th anniversary! Danganronpa 10th Anniversary Release: Part 1! Hope’s Peak Academy is home to Japan’s best and brightest high school students-the beacons of hope for the future.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Anniversary Edition for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Available December 03, 2021 Danganronpa 2 is finally available on Nintendo Switch™! Danganronpa 10th Anniversary Release: Part 2! Jabberwock Island – once a popular tourist destination, this now uninhabited island remains oddly pristine. You and your classmates at the elite Hope’s Peak Academy have been brought to this island by your super-cute teacher for a “lovey-dovey, heart-throbbing school trip.”

Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Available December 03, 2021 With an all-star dream lineup of characters from each Danganronpa game, gather Hope Fragments at a tropical resort. Explore Jabberwock Island and develop your Dangan characters. Gather money through battle and upgrade your equipment, then defeat bosses and move on to the next island!

13.) Finding Paradise

I have this on the PC and it’s an excellent game – from the creators of another excellent game called To The Moon. The writing is fantastic and the stories in their games are very emotional.

Finding Paradise for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts have peculiar jobs: They give people another chance to live, all the way from the very beginning… but only in their patients’ heads. Due to the severity of the operation, the new life becomes the last thing the patients remember before drawing their last breath.

14.) Baldo

Looks cute.

Baldo The guardian owls for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

A journey into a magical land full of mysteries to discover. Baldo is an action adventure rpg, full of puzzles and intricate dungeons to solve. Travelling around the world, Baldo will interact with many weird and funny characters scattered everywhere, to complete the main story quest and many other sidequests.

15.) She Dreams Elsewhere

The graphics look like a hot mess, but the concept of the game seems very fun. It claims to be very emotional and have a lot of interaction and choice and consequence.

She Dreams Elsewhere for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

She Dreams Elsewhere is a surreal adventure RPG about dreams and the extent to which they mirror reality. You play as Thalia, an anxiety-ridden, comatose woman on a journey to defeat the nightmares preventing her from awakening, while also finding out how exactly this mess happened in the first place.

16.) The Good Life

Photography game, huh? Similar to Pokemon Snap or Beasts of Maravilla?

The Good Life for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Play as Naomi, a journalist from New York who moves to a backwoods British town called Rainy Woods in order to pay off her massive debt. The only way for her to escape from debt hell is to take pictures of happenings in the town and report on them.

17.) Garden Story

The Nintendo Page has almost no information, but the Steam store page has a lot of videos and info – and this looks cute. I can’t wait.

Garden Story for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Unify a broken community as the newly-appointed Guardian of The Grove. Traverse a vibrant island to combat invasive Rot, inspire its inhabitants, and rebuild your home. You won’t have to do this alone: fruity friends await, ready to lend a hand!

18.) Mineko’s Night Market

Craft, Eat, and Enjoy all the cats – sign me up. – Crafting, Eating, and Cats are 3 of my favorite things lol.

Mineko’s Night Market for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Play as Mineko, a curious girl who has just arrived at her new home on a struggling Japanese-inspired island at the base of Mount Fugu. The superstitious locals on the island worship the Sun Cat, Abe.

19.) Bear and Breakfast

Build and run a bed and breakfast… but you’re a bear.

Bear and Breakfast for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Bear and Breakfast is a laid-back management adventure game where you play as a well-meaning bear trying to run a B+B in the woods. Hank and his friends find an abandoned shack and, equipped with their teenage ingenuity, turn it into a money-making bed and breakfast scheme for unsuspecting tourists.

20.) Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5 is not until 2022 – but hopefully it’ll be early 2022 :).

Rune Factory 5 for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Set off on a grand adventure in a fantasy world with the latest entry in the Rune Factory simulation RPG series. After losing their memory, the hero lands in a small town blessed by nature. There, they are recruited into a band of peacekeeping rangers, and their new life begins.

21.) New Pokemon Snap

Take photos of cute Pokemon. I reviewed Pokemon Snap here.

New Pokémon Snap™ for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Seek out and take in-game photographs of Pokémon in their native environments in the New Pokémon Snap™ game, only for the Nintendo Switch™ system! Snap photos from the NEO-ONE as you you encounter and research lively wild Pokémon. You might see unexpected expressions or behaviors-Pokémon patrolling their territory, playing, or lurking in out-of-the-way spots.

22.) You Are Rare In The Snow

It’s Japanese only – but since it’s by Idea Factory – there is a chance we might see an English version eventually.

君は雪間に希う ダウンロード版

僕たちは人の願いで生を受け、人の命令に従い生き長らえている――。 時は享保元年。八代将軍・徳川吉宗が江戸を治めることになった世。 江戸の町では、異形の化け物による事件が多発しており町民は度重なる事件に不安と不満の声を漏らしていた。 そこで徳川幕府は町の治安維持のため密に異形を取り締まる組織「御庭番」を設けた。 それから季節が巡り――享保十一年。 …

23.) Dream House Days DX

This company’s mobile games are always fun and cute. Lately they’ve been porting their mobile games over to Nintendo Switch. This is one of my favorites by this company. All of their games play similar so if you like this one, check out the other Kairosoft games too.

Dream House Days DX for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

The house of your dreams is a dream no more! You play both architect and landlord in this fanciful new sim, and it’s up to you to furnish your ideal abode with anything from arcade games to saunas to convenience stores. Certain combinations can power up your rooms…and their rent.

No Title

No Description

24.) Sweet Clown – A Funny Clown At 3:00AM

OK I do NOT like Clowns – Nightmare Juice…. But I DO like anime Otome Visual Novel games… Another one that’s Japanese only sadly.

SWEET CLOWN ~午前三時のオカシな道化師~ ダウンロード版

この閉ざされた世界で 毒毒しくも甘い おかしのような悪夢を …

25.) Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Another sorta Pokemon Snap-esque game

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

From the BAFTA-Award winning studio behind Monument Valley and Assemble with Care comes something entirely new! Join Alba as she visits her grandparents on a Mediterranean island. She is ready for a peaceful summer of wildlife exploration with her friend Ines, but when she sees an animal in danger, she realises she needs to do something about it!

26.) Beasts of Maravilla Island

Another Pokemon Snap Styled Game – Lots of these this year – probably thanks to the New Pokemon Snap game.

Beasts of Maravilla Island for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Beasts of Maravilla Island is a 3D adventure game where you take on the role of a young wildlife photographer who traverses Maravilla Island’s magical ecosystems to discover extraordinary creatures, learn their behaviors, and, most importantly, photograph their majesty!

27.) Fatal Twelve

Beautiful looking visual novel with an intriguing story.

FATAL TWELVE for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

FATAL TWELVE, the highly acclaimed suspense adventure game, is coming to Nintendo Switch™! Watch the thrilling story unfold as twelve unique characters, gathered by the Goddess of Destiny, compete against each other for a chance to undo their untimely demise. Introducing tons of events and CGs exclusive to the console edition!

28.) Maiden Gorgeous

Interesting looking visual novel – again only in Japanese at this time.

戦国†恋姫~乙女絢爛☆戦国絵巻~ ダウンロード版

目を覚ませばそこは戦国乱世。そして、ひとりの少女―― 主人公・新田剣丞は、叔父である北郷一刀の元で修行に励む日々を送っていた。 ある日、蔵で見つけた刀を手にした瞬間、剣丞は意識を失い――――。気がつくと、光輝く刀を握りしめ、見たことのない風景の中に居た。 そこで出会った一人の少女。自らを『織田 三郎 久遠 信長』と名乗った少女は、呆然とする剣丞に手を差し伸べる。 …

29.) Pokemon Unite

A free Pokemon Game for Nintendo Switch

Pokémon UNITE for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Join Trainers from around the world as they head for Aeos Island to compete in Unite Battles! In Unite Battles, Trainers face off in 5-on-5 team battles to see who can score the most points within the allotted time.

30.) Crayon Shin-Chan Summer Vacation

Sadly, only in Japanese – It looks SOOOO cuuuute!!! I want!

31.) Lotus Reverie

A visual novel focused on time management.

Lotus Reverie: First Nexus for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Do you like adventure and strategy games?Lotus Reverie is a visual novel focused on time management, following in the footsteps of other games such as Devil Survivor and Persona.

32.) Professor Layton’s Mystery Journey Katrielle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy DX+

Level5 Announced a new PLUS version of Katrielle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy. I don’t have a link for it. It’s out in Japan already, and headed over here soon I think. Below is a link to the non PLUS version from about 3 years ago.

LAYTON’S MYSTERY JOURNEY: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy Deluxe Edition for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

“LAYTON’S MYSTERY JOURNEY™: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy” revamped as “Deluxe Edition” with multiple improved features! =====================Enhanced puzzle-solving adventure experience with the Deluxe Edition!===================== ■NEW PUZZLES: This Deluxe Edition includes more than 40 brand-new puzzles and additionally, some refined puzzles from the Nintendo 3DS version.

33.) A Plague Tale: Innocence

A dark story about a war’s impact on 2 children

A Plague Tale: Innocence – Cloud Version for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Follow the critically acclaimed tale of young Amicia and her little brother Hugo, in a heartrending journey through the darkest hours of history. Hunted by Inquisition soldiers and surrounded by unstoppable swarms of rats, Amicia and Hugo will come to know and trust each other.

34.) KiraKira Stars (various versions)

Nintendo has a few versions of this game, each a different story focusing on a different main character. I have not played yet. I believe it to be just a straightforward visual novel or kinetic novel. I do not think it is an idol simulation game sadly. Missed the mark for me there. I rather have Idol M@ster in English :(. I might check these out eventually though. They’re cheap at just $10 each and look cute graphic-wise.

Kirakira stars idol project Ai for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

What if your childhood friend grew up into a gorgeous young lady? What if she asked you to move in with her? What if the two of you joined forces to make her the hottest new pop idol sensation?

Kirakira stars idol project Nagisa for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

“You’re the idol you used to sing to on stage?” After their first live performance, Nobuyuki and Ai have a fateful encounter with the top idol, Nagisa Yukihiro.Six months later.With Miwako’s kindness, Nobuyuki and his friends attend a joint lesson with Uesugi Productions, a long-established entertainment production company.While getting involved with Nagisa through joint lessons, it is decided that an idol festival – DivaFes – will be held, but…

Kirakira stars idol project Reika for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

After experiencing joint lessons with DivaFes and Uesugi Produce.Ai and Nobuyuki have taken another step forward as idol producers. What awaits them at the time when they thought their normal life was about to start again is an encounter with new idols. ‘I’ll take care of you from now on as an idol candidate!

35.) Summer Pockets

This version is Japanese only, but there is an English version on Steam. It is by Key makers of Clannad and Little Busters. Since there already exists an English version, and since Clannad and Little Busters are in English on Switch, I assume we will eventually see Summer Pockets on the Nintendo Switch as well.

Summer Pockets REFLECTION BLUE ダウンロード版

どんな時も──夏の青さを、覚えていた。名作恋愛アドベンチャー「Summer Pockets」に新ヒロインと新ルートが加わって再登場! 「AIR」「CLANNAD」「リトルバスターズ!」など数々の名作を世に送り出してきたビジュアルアーツのゲームブランド「Key」の手がけた「Summer Pockets」は、2018年にPC用ソフトとして登場し、2019年に発売されたNintendo Switch版と共に好評を博しています。その「Summer Pockets」に新ヒロインや新ルートなどが追加されパワーアップした「Summer Pockets REFLECTION BLUE」が、待望のNintendo Switchに登場します! なお、従来の「Summer Pockets」をお持ちの方には、有料追加コンテンツとして「Summer Pockets REFLECTION BLUE」がお楽しみいただける「Summer Pockets REFLECTION BLUE -優待版-」(3,000円)をご用意しています。 ■「Summer Pockets REFLECTION BLUE」のパワーアップポイント!・サブヒロインだった「野村美希」「水織静久」がメインヒロインに昇格・主人公の親戚の少女「加藤うみ」ルートの追加・新ヒロイン「神山識」の追加・仲間との賑やかな日常シナリオなども追加・ミニゲーム「卓球」が進化しダブルスも可能に・新主題歌や新オープニングムービーを追加 ■タッチスクリーン操作フル対応! 片手プレイも可能!Joy-Conを本体にセットした携帯モードはもちろんのこと、タッチスクリーン操作にフル対応しているためJoy-Conを外した本体のみの状態でもプレイできます。さらに、テーブルモード、TVモード時には、右のJoy-Con(R)1つで操作ができるため片手でのプレイも可能です。また、Nintendo Switch Liteにも対応しています。(上記「片手プレイ」を行うには別途Joy-Con(R)が必要です) 【ゲームシステム】物語中の選択肢によりその後の展開が変化し、さまざまなエンディングをお楽しみいただけるアドベンチャーゲームです。ゲームを進めると、ミニゲーム「卓球」と「島モン ファイト」または「島ポン ファイト」をプレイできるようになります。(ミニゲームをプレイせずに物語を読み進めることも可能です) 【あらすじ】主人公の鷹原羽依里は、亡くなった祖母の遺品整理のため、夏休みを利用してひとり鳥白島にやってきた。都会暮らしでは知ることのない、自然とのふれあいの日々。忘れていた懐かしい何かを思い出させてくれるような生活。 海を見つめる少女と出会った。不思議な蝶を探す少女と出会った。思い出と海賊船を探す少女と出会った。静かな灯台で暮らす少女と出会った。 島で新しい仲間ができた。 この夏休みが終わらなければいいのにと、そう思った。 【スタッフ】原案   :麻枝 准原画   :Na-Ga / ふむゆん / 和泉つばす / 永山ゆうのんSDイラスト:えんぎよしシナリオ :新島 夕 / 魁 / ハサマ音楽   :折戸伸治 / 麻枝 准 / どんまる / 竹下智博 / 水月 陵 【キャスト】鳴瀬 しろは   CV:小原 好美空門 蒼     CV:高森 奈津美久島 鴎     CV:嶺内 ともみ紬 ヴェンダース CV:岩井 映美里野村 美希    CV:一宮 朔水織 静久    CV:小山 さほみ加藤 うみ    CV:田中 あいみ神山 識     CV:ファイルーズ あい三谷 良一    CV:熊谷 健太郎加納 天善    CV:浜田 洋平岬 鏡子     CV:高本 めぐみ鳴瀬 小鳩    CV:白石 稔イナリ      CV:鈴木 このみ鷹原 羽依里   CV:千葉 翔也他※フルボイス(主人公は一部パートのみ) セーブデータお預かりサービスを利用するには、Nintendo Switch Onlineへの加入(有料)が必要です。 本体にダウンロードした商品をインストールするために、記載している容量より多くの空き容量が必要になる場合や、記載しているよりも少ない空き容量のみが必要になる場合があります。 容量が足りない場合は、必要のないソフトを整理するか、十分な空き容量があるmicroSDカードをお使いください。 本ソフトは以下の機能に対応しています。- タッチスクリーン この商品は予約商品です。予約にあたっては、以下の「予約について」が適用されます。 購入を確定すると決済がおこなわれます。購入後のキャンセルや返金はできません。

Summer Pockets on Steam

Original Story: Jun Maeda Producer: Touya OkanoDirector: KaiIllustrators: Na-Ga, Tsubasu Izumi, Yuunon Nagayama, Humuyun (Side characters)SD Illustrator: EngiyoshiScenario Writers: Yuu Niijima, Kai, HasamaMusic: Shinji Orito, Jun Maeda, Donmaru, Tomohiro Takeshita, Ryo Mizutsuki Naruse Shiroha / Konomi Kohara Sorakado Ao / Takamori NatsumiKushima Kamome / Tomomi MineuchiTsumugi Wenders / Emiri IwaiUmi

36.) Sky Children Of Light

I played the mobile version a year or two ago – It’s a free adventure game featuring flying. It’s fun. check it out since it’s free.

Sky: Children of the Light for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

From the award-winning creators behind Journey (2013 Game of The Year) and the highly-acclaimed Flower, comes a ground-breaking social adventure that is set to warm your hearts. Welcome to the enchanting world of Sky, a beautifully-animated kingdom waiting to be explored by you and your loved ones.

37.) Tsukihime Remake

Tsukihime was one of my first visual novel games – and still one of my favorites. I am hoping for an English release – but for now all we have is the Japanese version launching this month. This remake of Tsukhime was announced 14 years ago – I even covered the Tsukihime Remake being announced here on my blog years ago. I’ve also reviewed the fan translated first Tsukihime game here.

38.) Air

Air is my FAVORITE visual novel by KEY – makers of games such as Clannad and Summer Pockets (I didn’t like Little Busters and Rewrite very much honestly). But Air – man I cry like a baby. I love it. I wish to god it was in English – I played a fan translated version way back in the day – plus loved the anime adaptations. But Air is arriving on Nintendo Switch in Japan next month. I might buy it and Tsukihime and work my Google Translate phone live scanning as I play it – which is what I plan to do for some of the other games on my list. Not the best – but until someone translates them, what can I do?

AIR – Switch AIR – Switch : Video Games

39.) Sugar Style

Sugar Style is coming to Switch later this year. Although this version is Japanese only, you can already play Sugar Style in English on the PC via Steam.

Sugar*Style ダウンロード版

春はもっと楽しい季節であるべきだ――!! 悪い女に騙されたり、借金をこさえた親に夜逃げされたり……。 不運なトラブル続きでろくに進路を決められずにいた俺は、心優しい親戚の紹介で地方の専門学校へと進学を果たした。 『今度こそ俺は自分の人生を謳歌できる!』 そんな期待に胸を膨らませながら着いた【ひだまり寮】。 なんとそこは、女性しか住んでいない小さな学生寮だった! …

Sugar * Style on Steam

Sugar * Style is a Japanese-style visual novel produced by Smee, a Japanese developer of romance VNs. This is going to be the springtime of my life!A little while back, a scam artist got the best of my parents and put my family deep in debt.

40.) Caligula Effect 2

This one surprisingly is being released in English. I remember covering news of its announcement at the last Nintendo Live event – However, I commented that it was only shown in the Japanese Nintendo Live and not the American one. Well, despite not being featured in the Nintendo Live Direct Event, here we have Caligula 2 releasing in English this October. The first game is very fun and often gets compared to Persona – It’s not nearly as good as Persona – but still good – and maybe 2 will be even better. I’ll be picking it up for sure.

The Caligula Effect 2 | Nintendo Switch | GameStop

Buy The Caligula Effect 2 by Koei Tecmo for Nintendo Switch at GameStop. Find release dates, customer reviews, previews, and more.

41.) Worth Life

Only in Japanese at the moment. It lets you play as a landlord and customize lots. Looks like fishing and farming are key. By the makers of Rune Factory.

WORTH LIFE(ワースライフ) ダウンロード版

それはまるで絵本のような世界。スローライフなファンタジーアクションゲーム。 クリスタルの輝きが失われ、各地に異変が起きています。国中から無作為に呼び集められた30人。皆は王様の命を受けて、思い思いの方法でこの国の可能性を探りはじめます。 …

42.) Ken Ga Kimi

It looks very similar to Hakouki series of Otome Game Visual Novels. Sadly not in English. It’s also on Steam – but not in English there either.

剣が君 for S ダウンロード版

和風伝奇アドベンチャー「剣が君」がついにNintendo Switchに登場! 妖怪を滅する力を持つ伝説の刀、「天下五剣」を授かる「剣取り」こそが真の侍と賞賛される時代。江戸で暮らす主人公は、偽の姫として花嫁行列を演じることとなる。護衛として出会った六人の侍たちと絆を深める旅路────。 侍達と綴られる儚くも切ない和風伝奇を豪華声優陣、プロキオンスタジオの音楽、そして美麗なイラストが彩ります。

43.) Izu In Love

It says it’s in English on the Japanese store page but I could not find it in the American Nintendo Eshop. I downloaded it because it’s 30% off right now. I’ll let you know if it’s any good.

愛怒流でいず ダウンロード版

ヤンキー娘がアイドルに転身!?新米プロデューサーとアイドルのハラハラでドッキドキの共同生活がはじまる! 新米プロディーサーとヤンキー娘から転身したアイドルとのハラハラドッキドキの共同生活が楽しめる恋愛アドベンチャーゲームです。 秋葉原を拠点とする地下アイドルグループを運営する事務所のスタッフの青年は、上司から新しいアイドルの発掘をしてこいと言われ、頭を抱えていた。 …

44.) Bear’s Restaurant

Adventure Game of Tears & Hope

Bear’s Restaurant for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

“Bear restaurant” In this restaurant, the dead will have the last supper. Hamburgers, omelets, sushi, pudding, anything. Let us cook your favorite dish when you were alive. This is a story about “Bear” and “Cat”. You are “Cat”, the assistant of “Bear”, who is running this restaurant.

45.) Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi

Again looking similar to Hakouki. And it’s in English – always a plus LOL.

Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMI for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

The classic otome game Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMI is now more beautiful and easier to play than ever! This is a romance game for women where you become the first female soldier in the Shinsengumi, fight alongside the other soldiers, and fall in love. Experience historical battles alongside the likes of Kondo, Hijikata, and Okita.

46.) Chroma Quaternion

Looking Good and Cute. Retro-Inspired colorful JRPG.

Chroma Quaternion for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

In a world with four kingdoms, each colored by a season, where roles are granted by the Quadeities, strange happenings suddenly threaten the peace there. A quest begins to find each one’s calling in this intrigued fate and journey through the kingdoms to get to the bottom of the mystery!

47.) Stray Cat Doors 2

Cute puzzle game.

Stray Cat Doors2 for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

The time that I spent with you at the house, the journey at dusk, the lost city and the way back home through the white breathing snow… “Stray Cat Doors”‘s continuation is finally here! It’s a escape adventure game where you solve the mystery and clear each stage with a cute character.

48.) Paradigm Paradox

It is coming in English. Aksys just announced the English release 5 days ago. I am ready!

Aksys Games To Publish ‘Paradigm Paradox’ On Switch In The West

Aksys Games announced they’ll publish the Otomate-developed otome visual novel Paradigm Paradox on Nintendo Switch. Paradigm Paradox is set in the year 25XX, where mankind has been isolated in colonies. The protagonist, Yuuki Takanashi, is a student and completely bored.

49.) LiEat

I played it on Steam and enjoyed it.

LiEat for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

LiEat is the classic story of a vagabond traversing a strange and mysterious world together with a dragon protégé, buying and selling secrets, while also attempting to uncover the truth about themselves.

50.) Kasiori

It’s basically like PuyoPuyo or Tetris with cute anime girls

KASIORI for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Girls battle with sweets falling block puzzle! With Single play, 1P versus &2P versus mode. 3 sweets which are same and connected will disappear. And sweet in bottle be broke by other bottle fell on it. It is also for beginner to lightly enjoy the puzzle combo. Total of 8 character appear.

51.) Sumire

I loved this game. I reviewed Sumire for Nintendo Switch here.

Sumire for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Sumire is an indie narrative adventure, featuring a one-day journey through a picturesque Japanese village. In this enchanted place, a disenchanted girl named Sumire meets a mischievous spirit who makes her a deal to fulfill her most desired wish.

52.) Calico

Adorable and ultra customization. A very inclusive game with cute pastel graphics and cats (and other animals). I reviewed Calico for the Nintendo Switch over here.

Calico for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Calico is a day-in-the-life community sim game where you are given an important and adorable task: rebuild the town’s cat café and fill it with cute and cuddly creatures! You will journey to a small village filled with magical girls and other fantastical friends, where you are placed in charge of a run down cat café.

53.) Miitopia

I played the demo and it was fun. I reviewed Miitopia here.

Miitopia™ for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Cast your friends, family, or anyone you choose in a comedy-filled adventure to bring down the face-stealing Dark Lord! Create and customize Mii™ characters, assign them roles, and watch them come to life. Laugh along as your best friend and dear old grandma team up in the fantasy adventure of a lifetime!

54.) Tales Of Djungarian Hamster

Cute virtual pet hamsters

Tales of Djungarian Hamster for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

■Real and fluffy! The Djungarian hamster expressed in 3D reproduces the unique fluffiness of the hair! Djungarian hamsters that move in various ways in a cage are healed just by looking at them. ■Introducing over 30 types of Djungarian hamster with various features.

55.) Angelique Luminarise

Angelique is a very popular Otome series – but sadly – 25 years have gone by, and never a single Angelique game has ever been released in English. Again not to worry, you can use your phone and google translate to get a rough idea of the story.

アンジェリーク ルミナライズ ダウンロード版

Nintendo Switch 本体でご確認ください この商品は単品での販売はしておりません。この商品が含まれるセット商品をご確認ください 『アンジェリーク』をやったことのない方でも大丈夫。女王候補として生きてみませんか?日々を頑張るあなたに優しい世界が、ここにある! ■物語25歳、独身会社員――なんで私が女王に?? 「宇宙は、女王と9人の守護聖たちに守られている」 …

56.) Clannad Side Stories

More stories from Key’s popular visual novel, Clannad

CLANNAD Side Stories for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

CLANNAD Side Stories is an anthology of sixteen short stories penned by the scenario writers of the original CLANNAD visual novel. Featuring episodes set both before and after the events of CLANNAD, this collection is fully voiced by a stellar cast and brought to life by the gorgeous illustrations of acclaimed artist GOTO-P.

57.) Jack Jeanne

This game is looking quite popular, but still no official English release date has been announced. For now it remains Japanese only.

ジャックジャンヌ ダウンロード版

「東京喰種トーキョーグール」シリーズの作者・石田スイが世界観設定、キャラクターデザイン、イラスト、シナリオすべてを手がける最高の歌劇学校青春物語。 男性が男女両方の役を演じる「ユニヴェ-ル歌劇学校」。女性であることを隠して入学した主人公「立花希佐」は、仲間達との絆を深め、時に競い合い、主役になることを目指す。 セーブデータお預かりサービスを利用するには、Nintendo Switch …

58.) Story Of Seasons

There were a few Story Of Seasons games recently. Friends of Mineral Town and Pioneers Of Olive Town.

STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Welcome to Olive Town, a peaceful community established by your trailblazing grandfather and his friends. Now that you’ve taken over his farm, it’s your job to carry on his legacy. Plant crops, raise animals, build relationships, and get to know the residents of your new home in this brand-new entry in the STORY OF SEASONS series!

59.) RE:Zero

One of my all-time favorite anime, is now a game on Nintendo Switch.

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Prophecy of the Throne for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

One month after Subaru’s life in another world began, an emissary brings news to royal candidate Emilia that the royal selection is postponed. A nun named Melty Pristis has appeared to defy prophecy as the mysterious sixth candidate seeking the throne.

60.) Lily White Lily Maidens S

Looks cute – too bad only in Japanese.

Lily 白き百合の乙女たち S ダウンロード版

確率を廃し、戦略性を追求。ストレスのない遊びやすさを突き詰めた本格SRPG! 近未来の仙台、不思議な能力を持つ少女たち「リリー」と異形の生物「黒閖」の戦いの物語。友情によって結ばれる少女たちの絆「カップリング」を駆使して戦おう! …

61.) Romance Of The Three Kingdoms

Romance Of The Three Kingdoms has been one of my favorite strategy games ever since SNES Super Nintendo back in the 90s. I’m glad to see we’re starting to get some of the newer games in English again.

ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS XIV: Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack Bundle for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

About the Game] The Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack for the series’ latest title “ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS XIV” is available at last! An all new world of strategy awaits you. Make a display of your strategies on an increasingly worldly stage!

62.) Yes, Your Grace

A challenging kingdom management simulation game.

Yes, Your Grace for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

In this kingdom management RPG, petitioners will arrive in the throne room each turn to ask for your advice and assistance. Decide whether to help them with their problems, or to conserve resources for more important matters. Remember: supplies are limited, and not everyone has the kingdom’s best interests at heart…

63.) Ciel Fledge

I reviewed Ciel Fledge For Nintendo Switch here. It is similar to Princess Maker.

Ciel Fledge: A Daughter Raising Simulator for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

In the year 3716, humanity lives under constant risk of ruin from a colossal alien threat known as “GIGANT”. Fleeing its destruction, a mysterious young girl arrives on ARK-3, a magnificent city built in the sky. Ciel Fledge is a game about raising an adopted daughter in a future world that still has hope.

64. Rare Land Story Remake

I bought this Japanese Princess Maker like game, but haven’t played it enough yet to formulate an opinion.

蘭島物語 レアランドストーリー 少女の約定 Remake ダウンロード版

「失われた記憶をいっしょに探して…」少女を育てる!着せ替える! レアランド――数百年にわたり、平和と繁栄を築きあげた王国。しかし、平穏は突如として降り注いだ隕石とともに現れた侵略者により破られる。苛烈を極める戦争の最中、レアランド王城の若き男爵・ヒロは、決死の思いで敵陣へと反撃を行う。そして、ついに敵の首領を討ち果たした。 …

65.) Selfy Collection

Dressup game by the makers of Cocoppa Play.

SELFY COLLECTION The dream fashion stylist! for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

From the popular avatar “Selfy”, played by 13 million people globally, comes a new fashion coordinating game for the Nintendo Switch! As a newbie stylist, you get to travel around the world to coordinate outfits of your dreams! You can even make your own portfolio and share with your friends♬ Aim to be a top-rated stylist♬You are a newbie stylist working at shop “2-way”.

66.) LoveR Kiss

It seems similar to Sonicomi – It’s only in Japanese at this time.

LoveR Kiss(ラヴアール キス) ダウンロード版

レーティングや容量などの商品を購入 / あそぶための条件が、予約のお申し込み段階では確定していない場合があります。 決済時において商品のレーティングが以下に該当する場合には、予約の申し込みがキャンセルされます。 ・保護者(ファミリーの管理者)が設定する「ニンテンドーeショップの閲覧制限」の制限対象である場合。・お客様のニンテンドーアカウントの年齢では購入できないレーティングである場合。 …

67. Pretty Princess Party

Simulation and Puzzle Dressup Game For up to 4 players

Pretty Princess Party for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Become a princess of a magical castle! Pretty Princess Party on the Nintendo Switch transports you to a magical land to explore a long-abandoned enchanted castle. Learn to be a princess and decorate the castle any way you wish. Begin by creating a princess character with endless choices of dresses, shoes, accessories, and hairstyles.

68.) Uncharted Waters

This was one of my favorite series back on Super Nintendo SNES. Too bad this installment is Japanese only.

69.) Today’s Rice

A cute anime cooking simulation – I could only find it in the Japanese Eshop – but it says it supports English.

毎日♪ 衛宮さんちの今日のごはん ダウンロード版

あの「衛宮さんちの今日のごはん」の美味しく優しい世界がゲームになって登場切って、炒めて、焼いて、揚げて…セイバーが、桜が、凛が様々な料理にチャレンジ!?はたしてどんな料理ができるのか!?もちろん作った料理は美味しくみんなで「いただきます!」 原作のあのレシピや、ゲームならではのオリジナルストーリーも登場!あなたもFate×お料理ゲームの世界を体験してみませんか? …

70.) Clockwork Appocalypse

Another Idea Factory Otome Game – A lot of their games do eventually come out in English, but this one is Japanese only for now.

時計仕掛けのアポカリプス ダウンロード版

これは「バッドエンド」から始まる物語。繰り返す時間の中で、少女は望む未来を手に入れられるか―… ここは空のない、箱のような地下の街。『ギムレー』と呼ばれるこの街の天井は、太陽の代わりに『魔法の火』が灯り、この街の原動力となっていた。主人公の『ラチア』は街で開催される『祭典』で、魔法の火から種火を受け取り街の人に配り歩く役目を担っていた。 …

71.) Atelier Mysterious Trilogy Deluxe Pack

3 More Atelier Games Have Arrived On Nintendo Switch

Atelier Mysterious Trilogy Deluxe Pack for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

A discounted set featuring all three Mysterious series DX titles: – “Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book DX” Main Game – “Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey DX” Main Game – “Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings DX” Main Game The “Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book DX Digital Art Book”, “Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey DX Digital Art Book”, and “Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings DX Digital Art Book” are included as a purchase bonus.

72.) Saga Frontier Remastered

One of my favorite Square Soft series has seen new life on Nintendo Switch

SaGa Frontier Remastered for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

The beloved 1998 RPG Classic, SaGa Frontier, is reborn with improved graphics, additional features, and a new main character! Experience this role-playing adventure as one of the eight heroes, each with their own storyline and goals. With the Free Scenario system, unfold your own unique journey.

73.) Abandoned

Another one that’s only available in the Japanese Eshop but supports English language.

廃深 ダウンロード版

動画配信者の3人は突如現れた謎の着ぐるみから逃げ延び、廃レジャーホテルから生きて脱出することはできるのか? 本作は襲ってくる謎の殺人着ぐるみから逃げながら、廃レジャーホテル内を探索しアイテムやヒントを手がかりに謎を解いて脱出を目指すのが目的の横スクロールアクションアドベンチャーです。プレイヤーの行動次第で彼女たちの運命は大きく変わります。 …

74.) Island

Another visual novel story rich game on Nintendo Switch

ISLAND for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

With a story by G.O. and art by Kuuchuu yousai, the PC gaming brand Frontwing presents the popular sci-fi romance-adventure series ISLAND. The secret of this world is uncovered through scattered keywords and masterful foreshadowing in this magnificent telling of an epic tale.

75.) Laid Back Camp

A cute kawaii casual anime game

Laid-Back Camp – Virtual – Lake Motosu for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Experience Laid-Back Camp in 3D! Together, Nadeshiko (you!) and Rin embark on a new camping adventure at Lake Motosu, taking pictures and trying lots of delicious food. About the Game Set near scenic Mt. Fuji, Nadeshiko, Rin & co. encounter a variety of unique situations.

Laid-Back Camp – Virtual – Fumoto Campsite for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Experience Laid-Back Camp in 3D! Together, Rin (you!) and Nadeshiko embark on a new camping adventure at the Fumoto Campsite, taking pictures and trying lots of delicious food. About the Game Nadeshiko, Rin & co. encounter a variety of unique situations.

76.) Various Voltage Games

Popular Otome Mobile Game Production Company, Voltage, ports several of their games to Nintendo Switch

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77.) The House Of Fata Morgana: Dreams Of The Revenants Edition

A gothic horror visual novel compilation of games.

The House in Fata Morgana: Dreams of the Revenants Edition for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

A gothic suspense tale set in a cursed mansion. ‘The House in Fata Morgana’ is a full-length visual novel spanning nearly a millennium that deals in tragedy, human nature, and insanity. This version includes three games and more: 1: The House in Fata Morgana: the main storyline.

78.) Memories Off

An extremely popular visual novel series that has never been in English – and still isn’t in English.

メモリーズオフ ヒストリア 上巻 ダウンロード版

「メモリーズオフ」シリーズが遊びやすく高画質になって登場!シリーズ第1作目から第4作目を収録! “かけがえのない想い”をテーマに、切なさや痛みを伴う恋愛模様を描いてきた恋愛アドベンチャーゲーム『メモリーズオフ』シリーズ。全8作のシリーズナンバリングタイトルから第1作目から第4作目を上巻に収録。当時の解像度からフルHD化、インターフェイスを『メモリーズオフ -Innocent Fille- …

79.) Lover Pretend

Aksys is bringing Lover Pretend to Nintendo Switch with an English version.

Lover Pretend to be localized for the west

Aksys Games is localizing the otome visual novel Lover Pretend, the company revealed today. A release window was not shared. Here’s some information about Lover Pretend: Chiyuki lives alone, spending all her time studying for university and doing part-time work. She has two dreams in life: to become a scriptwriter – also a dream of her late mother – and…

80.) Steam Prison

Another wonderful Otome Game praised for its nonstereotypical heroine.

Steam Prison for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

“Steam Prison” is coming to Nintendo Switch with upgraded content!! [Synopsis]There are two kinds of people.The rulers and the ruled. A catastrophic flood split the world into two.The Heights, a gorgeous utopia.