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Disney World New Genie+ Lightning Lane Passes – Why I Like Them.

Disney announced yesterday the new system that will replace Fast Passes at Disney World in Orlando Florida. This new system is known as Genie+ and Lightning Lane. This new optional additional feature allows you to use the fast pass lanes – renaming them to lightning lanes it appears – for most – but not all – rides for $15 per person per day. Here we go again – anytime Disney World changes pricing, the people of the internet lose their actual minds. People are going crazy and highly upset and offended by this change. Although when Disney took away fast passes last summer due to the Pandemic, people were wanting to pay to see them return – You people are never happy. How dare a BUSINESS want to make money?!! The nerve of those people! Right? read more

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Get Paid Writing About Anime

You can get paid writing about games and anime. I will share some secrets with you. Understand, that you will not get rich; you likely will not be able to quit your day job, BUT you WILL get paid, for doing something you already are probably doing online. And this small change does add up to as much as 100-150 extra each month that you can use to fund you anime and gaming hobby! 🙂

This guide is under construction and will be expanded upon in the near future.

Use This Handy-dandy Table of Contents To Navigate Through This Guide

Table of Contents

I. Postloop – Earn cash posting in Forums and Blogs about topics that YOU choose!

II. Bubblews – Blogsite and Community that Pays for Page Views – NO LONGER PAYS

III. Tsu.co – It’s like Facebook, but it pays you for how many friends you have

IV. Izea – Monetize Your Blog, Social Media Feeds, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, and Facebook!

V. iWriter – Paid Writing Assignments – Review Coming Soon

VI. ChatAbout – Chat About Anything and Get Paid – Get $5 Just for signing up!

My first tip is PostLoop. This site is PERFECT for anime and videogame enthusiasts. You do NOT take writing assignments, or have to chat about anything that you don’t already love chatting about. Instead, you sign up for multiple blogs and forums (viewable from within the postloop site). These blogs and forums cover a wide range of topics from anime and videogames, to physical fitness, cars, financial, dating, or gardening, just to name a few. Choose only the forums and blogs which capture your interests.

Some of the sites may have certain requirements before letting you join. Namely your post quality score. When you first join Post Loop you must join their post loop portal forum. Here you will make your initial posts and be given a score based on your post quality. When you graduate from their starting grounds (after making your first 10 posts), you will no longer earn money from this forum section. It’s time to move on and find new forums (and blogs) to join. But the forum you want to join requires you to have a 4.6 post quality score and yours is only 3.5. What do you do? Try joining other forums which focus on similar topics and keep active and keep writing. You can receive a review once you have written 5 posts on a forum, and the forum owner giving you the review also gets some bonus points, so this encourages them to review you. Sometimes though, some owners don’t review you at all, or may not review you until you’ve been there for weeks, don’t worry, just keep posting, you’re still

earning money read more