The Best Anime for Girls

TOP 10 Anime on

  1. Chobits30/30 100% A+ “Excellent Anime For Girls”
  2. Re:Zero – 59/60 96% A “Excellent Anime For Girls”
  3. Aishiteruze Baby – 37/40 93% A- “Excellent Anime For Girls”
  4. Yuri!!! On Ice 42/45 93% A “Excellent Anime For Girls”
  5. Wolf Children – 42/45 93% A- “Excellent Anime for Girls”
  6. Plastic Memories – 32/35 91% A- “Excellent Anime For Girls”
  7. Fuuka – 50/55 91% A- “Excellent Anime For Girls”
  8. Peach Girl – 36/40 90% A- “Excellent Anime For Girls”
  9. Erased – 36/40 90% A- “Excellent Anime For Girls”
  10. Nagi No Asukara – 31/35 89% B+ Very Good Anime for Girls

Similar to our top 10 list of best games for girls (which you can read here); this page presents at any given time, the 10 highest rated anime which we’ve reviewed on our site. You can read the full review by clicking on the title of the anime below. It also contains other foreign animations from Asian countries such as China and South Korea which are not typically “anime” but may also appeal to anime fans. It does not include Live action – we will be making a new page soon for Kdrama, Tdrama, and Jdrama – stay tuned. 🙂

Our top ten list is not meant to be all inclusive, just highlight the best of the best. If you want even more anime recommendations check out some of our most recent anime reviews here.

For some insight into my scoring method click the spoiler tag below:

Here is a breakdown of the letter grades used on this site. This is consistent with anything I review, rather it’s a game, visual novel, toy, doll, action figure, or anime It all follows the same percentile base score card:

Letter Grade Assignments – Explanation of Values.

Percent       Letter Grade          Comments


98 – 100        A+                         “Excellent Anime For Girls”
94 – 97          A                           “Excellent Anime For Girls”
90 – 93          A-                          “Excellent Anime For Girls”
87 – 89          B+                         “Very Good Anime For Girls”
83 – 86          B                           “Very Good Anime For Girls”
80 – 82          B-                          “Very Good Anime For Girls”
77 – 79          C+                         “Good Anime For Girls”
73 – 76          C                           “Good Anime For Girls”
70 – 72          C-                          “Good Anime For Girls”
67 – 69          D+                         “Average Anime For Girls”
63 – 66          D                           “Average Anime For Girls”
60 – 62          D-                          “Average Anime For Girls”
< 60              F                            “Not Recommended For Girls”