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Sponsored Posts Rates for 2023 – Effective January 1st, 2023

$75 for content created by client to be published on

$200 for content created by Geeky Sweetie

$40 for Text or banner link in an existing post. Sponsor may choose the post. May include up to twelve words of context around the link or banner.

Please note your post, and all posts, including sponsored and non-sponsored posts, will contain a disclaimer that affiliate links may be commissionable. I am required to have this disclaimer on every post. It is built into my template and cannot be modified in any way.

Your post may also contain advertisements and text or banner links from other sponsors including your direct competitors because the ads also are built into the blog template and using systems such as google ads, I cannot control which ads appear in your post.

No Discounts Will Be Given.

Prices Are Firm And Nonnegotiable For All Clients For Any Reason Including Reasons Such As Promises Of Repeat Business, Quantity Discounts, etc.

Posts created by Geeky Sweetie will be completed within 7 days of request. Geeky Sweetie will then send a link for client to review. Client will then have up to 7 days to request any changes to the article. Once client and Geeky Sweetie have completed any changes, payment will be made from client to Geeky Sweetie via paypal.

Free Guest Posts may be granted on a case by case basis. Generally these “free” posts are in exchange for a product or service, such as a steam key in exchange for a game review, or a physical copy of a toy or boardgame in exchange for a review, etc. These reviews are done within 14 days of confirmation of receipt of the product or service having been received.

I may also rarely grant free coverage “out of the goodness of my heart” without requesting anything in return. This is done on a case by case basis as well, and done “whenever I get around to it” (as a hobby blogger, I don’t really have a set schedule and my motivation to write comes and goes, so it may take days or weeks before I get to such requests, if I get to them at all.)

All sponsored posts remain active forever on the site. They will remain on the front page until new content pushes them off (in the past, this has averaged around 25 days on the front page). Clients may choose keywords and categories to include in the sponsored post. All sponsored posts get bonus redistribution on as well as GeekySweetie’s social media accounts including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr,, Medium, Google+,, Instagram, and Flickr. Sponsored posts also get submitted to content discovery engines such as reddit and StumbleUpon. They are also included for free in an Email blast campaign to all subscribers.

To arrange a sponsored post, please contact me at

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    Top interest
    Gaming news and general info
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    Top lifestyle type
    Online buyers
    Top buying style
    Quick & easy
    Top wireless carrier

Your current follower audience size is 1,725

That’s 131 more than the same time 30 days ago. You’ve gained around 4 new followers per day — GROWING and continued growth and engagement!


Interest name % of audience
Gaming news and general info 52%  
Computer gaming 50%  
Console gaming 50%  
Technology 43%  
Online gaming 43%  
Roleplaying games 41%  
Comedy (Movies and television) 38%  
Music 35%  
Marketing 35%  
Tech news 34%  


Occupation type % of audience
Homemaker 31%  
Professional/technical 30%  
Self-employed 24%  
Management 16%  
White collar worker 16%  
Retired 15%  
Health services 13%  
Student 11%  
Tradesman/laborer 11%  
Sales/marketing 10%  
Values based on 14.3% match rate from Twitter partners

Consumer buying styles

Consumer style name % of audience
Quick & easy 73%  
Premium brands 71%  
Fresh & healthy 65%  
Home cooking & grilling 65%  
Ethnic explorers 54%  
Value conscious 27%  
Weight conscious 20%  
Natural living 12%  
Vegetarian 11%  
Mexican foods 9%  
Values based on 19.3% match rate from Twitter partners

Wireless carrier

Carrier name % of audience
AT&T 31%  
Verizon 24%  
T-Mobile 18%  
Sprint 12%  
O2 (UK) 5%  
T-Mobile UK 4%  
Vodafone UK 3%  
3 3%  
Telus(Kudoo, Public mobile) 2%  
Rogers Wireless 2%  






Household income categories

Income category % of audience
$75,000 – $99,999 13%  
$150,000 – $199,999 13%  
$100,000 – $124,999 12%  
$175,000 – $199,999 12%  
$150,000 – $174,999 11%  
Values based on 30.7% match rate from Twitter partners

Marital status

Marital status % of audience
Married 55%  
Single 45%  
Values based on 14.9% match rate from Twitter partners

Home ownership

Home owner


Home renter


The data reported on this page is an estimate, and should not be considered official for billing purposes. Data from Twitter partners is U.S. only. Some charts require a minimum number of users to display.

Political party affiliation



Democratic voter




TV Genres

Genre name % of audience
Sports 64%
Drama 64%
Movies 52%
Sci-fi 49%
Reality 44%
Comedy 44%
Children & Family 43%
Variety 33%
Talk 33%
Documentary & Special Interest 30%


Age category % of audience
13 to 17 7%
18 to 24 23%
25 to 34 47%
35 to 44 17%
45 to 54 5%
55 to 64 < 1%
over 65 < 1%


Country name % of audience
United States 62%  
United Kingdom 9%  
Canada 5%  
Japan 3%  
Philippines 2%  
Germany 2%  
Australia 1%  
Netherlands 1%  
India 1%  
France < 1%  

Home value

Home value category % of audience
$99,999 and under 12%  
$100,000 – $199,000 30%  
$200,000 – $299,000 20%  
$300,000 – $499,000 20%  
$500,000 and higher 18%  
Values based on 24.8% match rate from Twitter partners


State or region % of audience
California, US 10%  
England, GB 9%  
Florida, US 5%  
New York, US 4%  
Texas, US 4%  
Pennsylvania, US 3%  
Greater London, GB 3%  
Georgia, US 3%  
Ontario, CA 3%  
Ohio, US 3%