6 Most Dangerous Toys You Should Not Buy Your Kids

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Nothing thrills a little kid and brightens their day like a new, colorful toy gift. Whether it is a birthday present, a gift for outstanding performance, or a random one to express your love for them, most kids will enjoy anything you give them. 

However, it may shock you to find out that some of the toys you are fond of buying for children could be dangerous and even fatal. So as you strive to childproof your home, it is advisable to watch the kind of toys you give your kids. We have compiled a list of six dangerous toys you should not buy your kids. Some of these toys are amazing and every child’s dream gifts.

Most Dangerous Toys You Could Buy Your Kids 

1. Toys with Propellers

Much as you may be tempted to buy your kid a toy helicopter complete with battery-powered propellers, this may not be the wisest thing to do. Young kids do not know the full impact of the propellers and, as such, may hurt themselves while playing with the toy you bought them. If you have to buy them a toy with propellers, you may want to consider blunt, plastic ones in place of the metal ones.

2. High Powered Magnets

Different toys are equipped with magnets to foster their proper functioning. Depending on the toy design and functions, these magnets may be powerful. Magnets have high swallowing risks, and if ingested, they can still attract each other through the intestinal walls. This can cause extreme discomfort or even death. It can also lead to unnecessary surgery costs in a bid to extract them from the stomach. It is advisable to avoid any toy that has detachable magnets.

3. Toy Guns

You are probably thinking of how harmless water guns are. However, regardless of the ammo they use, all types of toy guns can be hazardous when handled by children. Small children do not know what distance to shoot from, and a shot directed to the eyes at close range could cause serious eye injuries to children.

4. Toys with Small Batteries

Small batteries are candy-shaped, and little kids may mistake them for edible snacks. This can be very dangerous since they can choke the babies or cause poisoning due to the batteries’ lithium and other components. It would be best if you tried toys without batteries or those with bigger batteries instead.

5. Doctor’s Kits

You probably think it is a good idea to introduce your child to career toys such as doctor’s kits at an early age. Much as this may help the child’s growth, it would be best if you were very careful with the kit’s components. Some of them are minute, and kids can easily swallow them, leading to choking or death.

6. Balloons

You may find it hard to believe that something as cute and pretty as a balloon could pose a significant threat to a child. However, a substantial number of children have died due to accidentally swallowing a burst balloon, causing them to choke to death. The sound made by an exploding balloon could also cause severe ear damage on small kids.

When to Sue a Toy Company for Injuries

If your child sustains an injury from a faulty toy, you may have grounds to file a personal injury claim against the manufacturing company. However, you should know that personal injury claims are not very easy to file and prove. 

You may need to prove that the accident was due to poor design, manufacture, or labeling. Seeking the counsel of a Washington personal injury lawyer may be your best shot at getting compensated for injuries sustained due to faulty toys.